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The Three Most Important Keys to Weight Loss Success

The Diet Alternatives program works long term because it does three key things:

#1: It increases your metabolism

bergen-county-nutritionistWeight loss success depends upon finding the balance of proteins, carbs and fats that work for your body. This is so important and yet most people have no clue how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats they should be eating per day! Each person has a metabolic “formula” that works for them and a professional, like me, can help you find that balance.

It is amazing that once you find what works and does not work for your body how much faster you will lose weight AND how much better you will feel. Increasing your metabolism is the main issue — getting your body to digest and use foods is absolutely essential for to lose weight and feel healthy.

#2: It fits your lifestyle!

fort-lee-nutrionistOne of the biggest mistakes people make when embarking upon a weight loss or new nutrition program is they change their lifestyles in order to accommodate the new plan. This is a totally unrealistic approach. What will happen eventually is that you will go back to your old ways and sabotage any progress you’ve managed to make.

A weight loss program must be a plan that is complimentary not only to the way you live but must include the foods you enjoy. Any diet that takes away foods you love is bound to fail. All foods are good foods, if eaten in moderation.

Modifying your behavior to make your body work up to its full potential is also a major factor in your ability to lose weight and keep it off forever. But making sweeping lifestyle changes overnight just doesn’t work. A successful nutrition program will therefore emphasize education, behavior modification, and some kind of on-going support system.

#3: It changes the way you think!

nutrionist-bergen-countyWhen it comes to food, eating, and losing weight, most people who are struggling do not even realize that they have a black and white attitude. When you’re dieting you’re at an extreme–either you succeed or fail. That food you just ate is either good or bad. This negative attitude is part of the reason you are still searching for a solution to your weight loss or eating issue.

The real way to lasting success with any weight loss program lies in helping you find the middle, or the gray area of food, eating, and weight loss. The gray area is about redefining your relationship with food and no longer seeing it and how you eat in the extreme. Using proven techniques based on cognitive behavior therapy, I will help you change your thinking about food and your self-defeating thoughts.

This concept is so powerful to your success that I give all of my clients their paperwork and handouts in a gray folder at their initial consultation as a reminder of where they need to get in their thinking.

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