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Toni Gerbino Nutritionist

About Toni Gerbino, Your Personal Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultant

I attended my first Weight Watchers Meeting when I was 8-years old and already 25 pounds overweight. That was the first in a painful, depressing number of false weight loss starts that would not end for another 20 years and a total of 110 pounds to lose.

How I Lost 110 Pounds

toni-gerbinoFinally, after years of feeling bad about myself, of yo-yo dieting using commercial diets and radical fad diets with unsafe methods, I lost 110 pounds. More importantly, I have kept those 110 pounds off for over 30 years using the safe and natural principles that now formulate the Diet Alternatives Program.

Diet Alternatives is a program I designed for myself while studying “The Learn Program for Weight Loss” developed by Kelly Brownell, Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Brownell is now a professor and the Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University. Many years ago, I was inspired by Dr. Brownell’s innovative approach to successful weight loss. He pinpointed the need to consider nutrition, lifestyle, attitude, exercise and relationships as all key components to a successful weight loss program. I used his principles 30 years ago with success and continue to use every one of his principles in my practice today.

Another key I discovered was using cognitive behavioral techniques to change my negative/extreme/self-defeating thinking. With the help of a cognitive therapist, I was finally able to change my relationship with food.

Filling Up The Bottomless Pit…

Finally, I discovered that my “bottomless pit” was not caused by a character defect or some horrible metabolic flaw but by an unidentified sensitivity to wheat and dairy. I craved these foods and would eat bread and cheese but never feel full…so I would keep eating! This common problem is rarely addressed by commercial programs and if you have an unidentified food sensitivity you will have a very difficult time losing weight and keeping it off.

Because I wanted to help others lose weight and keep it off the same as I had done, I went to work in the weight loss industry. I worked for two major companies for three years before I left in disappointment and frustration to start Diet Alternatives in 1992. I saw firsthand that the bottom line of these companies is not your health and well being. It was getting you to put hundreds of dollars on a credit card in advance.

If I Did It, You Can Do It Too!

Through my years of struggling with my own weight issues and food sensitivities, I have learned that all people have individual needs and unique relationships and issues with food. Therefore, a successful eating program needs to be designed specifically for that individual. No two people are alike; no two nutrition and weight loss programs should be alike. This is why Diet Alternatives is a custom program designed just for you. This program works. I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off for good.

* Results will vary based on the individual and your individually designed program.