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* Results will vary based on the individual and your individually designed program.

Just wanted to follow up quickly – I lost all my weight over 50 lbs – yea me!! I have kept it off now for almost 1 year – can you beat that??? This is the best weight loss program ever- call Toni at 201-224-5973.

Review from the Super MediaMay 2013

I could not be happier. I tried every diet on the market and then my friend and co-worker told me about Toni – my friend lost 57 lbs in one year and I have already lost 50 in only 6 months!! More importantly my friend has kept off the weight for 2 years already!! I am still losing but with Toni and her inventive programs and ideas, I am certain this will work for me as well. She is wonderful and designs each program for each person. Trust me, you will just love love, love her and what she does. Visit her web site at http://www.tonigerbinonutritionist.com or just call her at 201-224-5973. You will not be disappointed!!!

Review from the Super MediaAugust 2013

The best part of this whole program is Toni. She has been there with her own struggle over the years with weight so she understands everything you tell her. No judgements. Just help, guidance and an eye for what works for you. She and her program are amazing. In one year I have lost 45 lbs. and have kept it off for the past 4 years with no problem at all!!

MarshaJune 12

I got Toni’s name from a friend who lost 50lbs. over a year ago. Why did I wait so long?? I have been on the program since May 2006 and have lost 45 lbs. in less than 6 months….AND the best part is I travel with my job and eat out most meals!! This is the first and only time weight loss has been effortless – especially with my lifestyle. I cannot thank Toni enough.
UPDATE: (It’s now May 2013 and have kept all my weight off!!!)

JaneMay 2013

What can I say? I have tried for years with every program known to man and this finally was the answer to my prayers!! Toni sat with me, planned with me and worked with me to design the exact plan to fit my lifestyle. I have lost over 100lbs. and I do not ever feel like I am dieting. That is the beauty of this program. Weight loss without dieting!! WOW – Finally!! 110 lbs. off and still losing!! I Love it!

BurtFebruary 2013

I had about 40 pounds to lose; The weight had come on slowly over the years. But I used to wake up in the morning feeling remorseful about what I had eaten the day before, and bad about myself. I have lost most of the weight now, and I still have days when I overeat, but it’s not a way of life now. And I don’t have have those negative feelings that were so self-defeating. Toni changed my life by changing my head first, the weight loss followed.

D.S.April 2014

* Results will vary based on the individual and your individually designed program.

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